Oh My Goodness !! Cold Coffee by DropKaffe

On a fine evening recently, there was an amazing surprise at my doorstep!! A range of Cold Coffees by DropKaffe. I am big fan of Cold Coffee and so I enjoyed every sip of it.
This is one of its kind packaged Cold Coffee's which come in 3 Flavors - Classic, Hazelnut and Vanilla.
 Generally the packaged drinks that I have tried earlier are too sweet for my palette and being a health conscious person I avoid them. But on the contrary the coffee's provided by Goodness are natural taste without too much sugar... so I loved it!!

My favorite was the Classic flavor as its simply the bitter-sweet taste of arabica coffee beans along with milk.

Goodness! Cold coffees are the freshest ready to drink bottled coffee made from fresh cold-brew coffee concentrate and double toned milk. This ensures a richer taste without the fat loaded artificial garnishing

They follow a “Bean to Bottle in 7 Days” process. Green coffee beans are sourced from the finest coffee estates of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. These locally sourced, 100% Arabica beans are then roasted, ground, cold-brewed and bottled to perfection in an absolute controlled and hygienic environment in merely 7 days. This ensures that the freshness of coffee is retained over the period and process. Real cold-brew coffee concentrate blended with fresh toned milk, with the addition of natural extracts, make Goodness! the freshest ready-to-drink coffee in a bottle.

The other Goodness products are yougurt smoothies. Would love to try them as well considering that the cold coffees were really awesome.
The goodness products are available at lots of places in Bangalore including Supermarkets, Flipkart and Swiggy etc.

So #thinkfresh and enjoy the goodness of Cold Coffee in a bottle.


  1. Truly mene aaj tak cold coffee nhi pi. Lekin aapki post bahut hi achchhi hea. Thank for sharing.