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I am Sneh, born and bought up in Bhopal, Engineering in Indore, first job in Pune, then MBA in Mumbai, second job in Hyderabad, and now finally you can call me a Bangalorean. My grandma used to say I have a mole in my foot, which means I will not stay at one place for long. And I am a Sagittarian so I do have a free spirit. 

I love to travel and connect with family and friends at lovely meals.. Being a introvert, I also love to express myself on a canvas every now and then. During the pandemic when we all were home bound, I discovered art to be extremely therapeutic and liberating.
On the work front, I work as a Digital transformation lead at one of the best organizations, where I live my purpose by harmonizing IT, Supply Chain, R&D functions to simplify and adopt technology to drive value. 

We all are constantly evolving beings, and should stay connected to our creative side (on weekends) for a balanced life. Do reach out to me if you like my blogs or if you want to share something with me.  Contact me -

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