Sabarmati Ashram.. Finding solace in Gandhi's ideologies

I recently visited Ahmedabad and had a free day to go around the city, when we decided to head to the Gandhi Ashram also known as Sabarmati Ashram. Here Gandhiji spent 13 years of his life from where he started his struggle for Independence.
There is an interesting story which states that this Ashram land was once the Ashram of Rishi Dadhichi many centuries ago.. We all know the story of Rishi Dadhichi who donated his bones to the Devas so that they they can made weapons to destroy the Asuras. This was a righteous war for his Rishi Dadhichi left his life and took samadhi. So indeed, this place, which is by the banks of the beautiful Sabarmati river, is very sacred and blessed. Story of Rishi Dadhichi
As soon as I entered into the Sabarmati Ashram, I felt a sense of peace and belonging. The atmosphere was so natural that it inspires you to lead a life of simplicity. There is no A/c or Tubelight, but you natural air circulation and natural light are in plenty. 
Personally, I have never been a huge fan of Gandhi but definitely some of his principles of self-service and humility will move you at this Ashram.

It has been maintained in its natural form, the way it existed many many years ago. There is no entry fees, you can just walk around and there are boards which explain the significance of each place and room. The most significant movement that started from this Ashram was the Dandhi March for 240 Miles in protest of the British Salt Law on 12th March 1930. This Dandhi Yatra served as the stepping stone for our Freedom movement and British Govt. seized this Ashram after that. Gandhiji never returned back to this Ashram after that.
As you enter, you will notice the residence, its simplicity and the peace that it gives to an individual. There are different rooms for Gandhiji's meetings, Kasturba's room and their Kitchen etc. The Charkha's of that time are also kept on display. 

There is a huge Library and showcase area (which was developed later on) and it highlights the major milestones of Gandhi's life, Freedom struggles and the significant people and events. There are also some handwritten letters on display which can be read. 

This Ashram was the home to an Ideology which has freed many nations and moved countless individuals. It serves as an inspiration and a monument of Gandhi's life mission to all those who want to fight oppression and find beauty in sacrifice. 

This is a place which everyone must visit once in a lifetime as it will inspire you to come back from the modern lifestyle and momentarily inspire you to adopt some ideologies which are missing in the New world.
More details about the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad :

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  1. Very well written post on Sabarmati Ashram with beautiful photos 👍 Sneh. Looks like you had a nice time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It's good, this virtual tour of a great place.

  3. I never been to such a place. So calm and relaxing..

  4. I also went there this month! I wish I had more time tough to explore it at an easy pace!

    1. Thanks Mridula for your comments.. yeah it is a lovely place!!

  5. I am glad to find your take on solace! But I would like to talk about my story of finding solace which I found while the hampta pass trek.

  6. I never been to such a place. So calm and relaxing.