Black Rabbit... nice and cozy but loud

Whenever I passed the 100 ft. road in Indiranagar, this place looked mysterious. I got a chance to try it with my colleagues on a Tuesday evening. Here is my review -

 Ambiance - This is a small and cozy place, with few seats inside for non-smokers and a small outside seating for smoking area. The place is dimly lit with nice wooden, rustic setting. As soon as I entered, my eyes were focused on the ceiling d├ęcor, nicely painted pots with lights on the ceiling.
The English music plays in the background but it gets louder as the night gets younger. The DJ plays nice songs but after 9, it gets really really loud, that it was getting difficult to talk amongst ourselves. We also asked the attendant to reduce the volume, but they told us that this is a common practice among all pubs in Indiranagar.

 The name 'Black Rabbit' is also a bit intriguing, so we asked the waiter why it was named like this, do they serve rabbit meat or something. He told us that the owner was from a place in UK where they name restaurants over animals, and black rabbit being the most exotic species.

 Food and Drinks -
Well, its a pity that they do not have microbrewery in-house, the way it is in Toit nearby. Nonetheless, they do serve many brands of beers, alcohol and cocktails. Their list of wines and cocktails looks impressive. Long-Island ice tea seems to be one of the liked cocktails at this place. I tried the Cosmopolitan - it was good.
For starters -
Poutine - These are French fries with melted cheese on top - Very yummy.
Cottage Cheese Sprint Rolls - This was ok-ish, not that great
Grilled Paneer, marinated in Soy, Chilli and honey - This was indeed delicious for the Indian palette.

Main Course -
The quantity of food per dish is good enough and more than sufficient for a single person, but may be not enough for 2 people.
Some of my friends ordered veg and chicken burgers - looked delicious and feedback was good
I ordered Chicken Parmesan - This was pretty good. Luscious juicy chicken, fried and wrapped up in Parmesan Cheese. Not a spicy dish, but the flavor of cheese over chicken served with amazing spaghetti just made my day.
Service - A small cozy place with few attendants, overall the service is good.
Price - The price range is similar to the Pubs around it, Toit or Smokehouse Deli etc. Not too exorbitant - An evening for 1500/- for 2 people
Location - 100ft road, Indiranagar - Very near to the Sony signal, besides that Apple store.
All in all a nice evening spent with colleagues.
Some more photos.

P.S - All photos are from my iPhone.

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