Nine Shades of Diwali Decorations

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the major Hindu festivals and is celebrated with lots of vigor in all households.
Diwali night is celebrated on the darkest night of the year (Amavasya) and we lighten it up with lots of lights, diyas and our smiles. Over the years, this festival has also grown in the ways we celebrate it. I have tried to capture the different shades and colors that Diwali brings for us.

Shade #1 : Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi

We bring a Lakshmi Ganesh idol made of mitti for offering prayers. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is the God of wealth and offering prayers to her will bring good luck and prosperity for the family.
Shade 1: Lakshmi Ganesh idols
Goddess Lakshmi (Pic Courtesy - PV)

Shade # 2: Decorated Pooja Thali

The pooja thali is also very important aspect of the festival. This is adorned with a diya, incense sticks, rice and marigold flowers.
Shade 2: Decorated Pooja Thali

Diwali Pooja Thali (Pic Courtesy - PV)

Shade #3: Welcome at the Entrance

The door of the house or apartment is decorated to welcome the Gods on this day. There are some communities which do not close the door on Diwali entire night to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi

Shade 3: Welcoming Main Door
Welcoming Goddess Lakshmi (Pic Courtesy - Sakshi Saxena)

Shade #4 - Rangoli

Rangoli is an integral part and the female of the household will make this on the main door of the house as a gesture for decoration. In South India, the Rangoli is also made from petals of different flowers and it looks beautiful.
Shade 4: Beautiful Rangoli (Courtesy - Sakshi Saxena)
Flower Rangoli (Pic Courtesy - Sakshi)

Shade#5 - Several Diyas spreading their light

As this is a festival of lights, several diyas are lit on the door, in the balcony, in the kitchen and everywhere 
Shade 5: Diya spreading its light
Diya fighting away the darkness (Pic Courtesy - PV)

Shade #6 - Colorful Decorations

 Lots of lots of colorful decorations around the house.
Shade 6: Colorful lamps

Floating lights (Pic Courtesy - Sakshi)

Shade #7 - Lighting Series

The house is decorated with light series. These have also evolved over time, long back used to be those one color lights but now the Chinese lights have changed the scenario. Disco lights, multi color and different patterns have come in the market. Lights on the balcony and on the house

Shade7: Light series on the balcony
In my parent's house, we have the luxury of an independent bunglow and we used to decorate the entire house in different ways. But in metros, a decent flat is now a luxury and we have to live with decorating the balcony with lights.
Lights on the outside (Pic Courtesy - PV)

Shade #8 - Colorful Thermacol Cutouts

 Colorful cutouts on thermacol is also very popular now a days. You can either make it at home or buy from the market.
Shade 8: Thermacol cutouts in different colors and shapes 

Shade#9 : Paintings

Another popular decoration idea is to draw some beautiful Diwali festive paintings on paper and stick it on the walls. The photos below were gifted by a friend who drew them for us and we were delighted to put them on Diwali.
Shade #9 : Goddess Lakshmi painted on paper so elegantly
Some more Shades :Some more pictures of Diwali decorations and shades are below. Lord Ganesha drawn by a friend on paper and colored so elegantly

Lord Ganesha
The beautiful kalash as a paper cutting on my wall for Diwali

A Beautiful Kalash

Diya cutouts

My Diya on the flower rangoli

We all celebrate Diwali and decorate our houses in our own way to welcome the Gods and our guests.
Wish you a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year !!! 


  1. Nice decorations. Beautiful pics. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

  2. Decorating home for Diwali is so much fun. Happy Diwali! :-)

  3. Wow!! Next time sare try karna padega!!

  4. Wow!! Next time sare try karna padega!!

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    1. Thankyou Sakshi dear for lovely photos :) Happy Diwali !!!

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