Naturals Icecream : Worst Flavors

We love Naturals Ice-cream, so much that whenever a new flavor is launched I love to try it, including all the yummy seasonal fruit flavors. Some of my favorites are Tender Coconut, Sitaphal, Mango and many more.

The choices of favorite and ugly may vary from person to person, this blog talks about my not-so-favorite flavors. Recently I tried some new flavors and I simply hated them - Thandai and PSG

Thandai - This was launched during Holi time, in March and is still available at Naturals stores. We have all had Thandai as a drink but when we convert it into an ice-cream, the flavors are very disturbing. The particles of khus-khus, black pepper and cardamom interfere with the smoothness of the ice-cream and the overall taste is not uniform.

PSG (Pinapple, Strawberry and Guava mixed flavor)- I would not say I hate this combination but I do not love it either. It is not as good as other Naturals seasonal fruit flavors because this combination doesn't strike that melt in the mouth kind of feel. You are not sure whether you have to enjoy the tangy strawberries or the acidic taste of pinapple or the bittersweet guava. Somehow, it doesn't hit for my taste palatte. Not good.

Location: 12th main, Off 100ft road, Indiranagar

Must try flavors - Sitaphal, Tender coconut and roasted almond

Never try flavors - Thandai and PSG

P.S - All photos are taken from my iPhone
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  1. My fav is sitaphal... the PSG sounds awesome, gonna try it soon :-) thanks for sharing dear...
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. We normally have Frozen Yogurt and some flavors are too good.

    From your post, I think Coconut with Nuts would be yummy!

  3. Great varieties, thanks for the caution on some of them. :)

  4. Haha, it's a great idea to list some not-so-favourites, since we always seem to be reading about people's favourites [destinations, road trips, movies, books, etc. etc.] :) I'm always confused like an excited kid in a candy store when I visit Naturals - "Which one to try, this or that, decisions decisions!" I haven't hated any so far, although there have been some I like less than others, but your post makes me want to try these flavours out just to decide on them :D