Must Try Foods in Kerala

1. Fish Curry - Keralean Fish curry is made out of fresh fish with a flavor of coconut in the gravy. I tried fish curry at different places and all of them were awesome.

2. Veg meals - This is the typical meals served on a banana leaf with variety of vegetable dishes, rice and sambhar. You can ask for unlimited rice, sambhar or veggies. Once the serving of Sambhar is over, they will give Rasam along with rice and later buttermilk. Eating with hands... loved it..

3. Toddy - Alcohol made out of coconut and palm trees. This has a typical smell and flavor - no need to mix it with water, soda or cold drink. Just buy and drink. Make sure you buy it from a licensed shop. If you do not know where to buy toddy, ask you taxi driver, he will take you to a registered/ licensed shop. Buying it from any local shop can be harmful as adulterated toddy can be life threatening.

Do not store it for long.... drink it soon after you buy as it will keep fermenting in the bottle. They generally serve toddy in mud containers and the minimum serving is 1 litre. We took our bisleri bottle and got it filled with toddy. It causes a high... but somehow we did not like the smell hence couldnt finish it and had to give it to our driver.. who loved toddy.

4. Ghee Roast - This is a thin Dosa roasted in Ghee.. very crispy and tasty.. but at the same time it is heavy. We had it in the evening but it was so filling that we didnt feel like eating anything until next morning. The best place to try this is Sarvana Bhavan in Munnar or any traditional dhaba

5. Chilly parota - We all have eaten chilly paneer, chilly chicken but this is the first time I ate a started made out of Parota (Kerala Paratha) and it was delicious. Must try.

6. Banana Fritters - They make a pakora out of Banana slices. When you bite you expect it to be salty just like our north Indian pakoras, but indeed it is made of ripe banana and sweet inside.

P.S - All Photos are taken from my iPhone


  1. I like the food in Kerala, except their brown rice. But many places serve white rice, so it's fine. They also serve warm water with some herb mixed in it, which is good for health I guess. There is a banana bajji kind of thing which is good.

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