Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta national park is not very far from Bangalore, just 20 to 30 kms range, depending on where you stay in the city. It lies towards the south of the city, in the hills of Anekal range. A small portion of this park is part of the zoo and safari, which can be visited by everyone on a ticket.
I found safari was a bit expensive but they take you to the inside of the jungle and closer to tigers, lions, bears, deer and more animals. The zoo is also nice with all animals under enclosures. I particularly found the butterfly park very beautiful.

How to go:  It can be reached by public transport or your own vehicle. We did not have a car at that time, so we decided to go on a bike. Since this lies very close to the city, no matter at what time you leave, you would be stuck in traffic and multiple signals. However, leaving early in morning would ensure that sun doesn't bother you. We left at around 8ish in the morning on a pulsar bike.
There are city buses which drop directly at the national park.

Route: Very simple. Drive towards south Bangalore -> IIM Bangalore -> keep on going straight towards Anekal -> Signboards are seen for Bannerghatta Biological park -> follow the signs
Have breakfast on one of those Udupi joints on the way, as there are fewer options in the park.

When to go : Any season

What to do: Buy a ticket to the safari and the zoo. Go for the safari first, watch wildlife, click pictures. Post that enjoy your time in the zoo, it is fairly big, watch butterfly garden (they ask for a separate ticket for camera but no one checks, so just enter like that), watch hippos, reptiles, crocodiles, elephants, herbivores  and have fun.

Some pictures are attached.


  1. seems you enjoyed the day :) yup! it is nice for a one day outing but if you want to enrich your experience Sneh, try the night stay cottage there ... awesome experience :) if you do , do update in post :)

  2. sounds and looks like a beautiful park Sneh, and lucky you... to spot royalty aka tiger! :-)

  3. nice post..........refreshed my memories too

  4. Good place to spend a day. Nice post.

  5. Nice and entertaining post on Bannerghatta national park. It is a popular tourist destination with a zoo, an aquarium, a snake house,a safari park etc and is a destination for trekking and hiking. For more information check Bannerghatta National Park timings .