Trip to Wayanad - Vythiri from Bangalore

During a recent long weekend, we decided to plan a trip with friends to Wayanad. 
Initially we wanted to go to a beach so plan was to go to Mangalore, Udupi and Murudeshwar from Bangalore, however due to heavy rain alert we had to change our plans last minute. 
We found a good resort available at last minute Vythiri Village, so everyone agreed to go to Wayanad instead.
Me on the Hanging Bridge @ Vythiri Village Resort

Although in my trips, I love to explore, learn and experience, more of backpacking style, however this trip was very relaxing and different from usual - it was  Eat --> Sleep --> Repeat kind of a trip - but our friends made it worth the time and we enjoyed a lot. 


Vythiri Wayanad is roughly 300Kms from Bangalore. I stay in Budigere Road, so from my home it is 340Kms.
Starting the trip @5.30AM
We left early morning at 5.30 AM, took a breakfast stop near Mysuru bypass and reached around 1 PM.
There are various routes you will find on google for going from Bangalore to Wayanad - we followed the below route. 
Route : Bangalore – Mysore – Gundlupet – Muthanga (
Bandipur forest) – Sulthan Bathery - Vythiri Village

There is a Bangalore to Mysore Expressway which is 6 lane and a very smooth and fast ride till Mysore. After that, the road becomes less impressive, it is two lane, and me being a city driver was stuck behind a truck for almost 15 mins which was very irritating.
Sunflower fields

The road from Bangalore to Mysore is so good that for a moment I thought I am in Scotland. After you cross Mysore, there are beautiful sunflower fields on the way and there are also some orange marigold fields. I felt like playing the DDLJ song for a moment there.
The weather started to become nice and it was drizzling as we entered Bandipur forest. We saw the usual Monkeys, Peacocks and Elephants on the way and children were very excited. 
And then as you get closer to Vythiri, you will find a lot of Tea Gardens which are a sight to behold.
Elephants spotted at Bandipur forest


We stayed in the Vythiri Village Resort - Rooms are Nice, Services were good, and there are a lot of activities to do inside the premises of this resort. 
We booked an all inclusive package for 2 days  (includes Stay, All Meals, and In-House activities)
Cost was roughly 15K per night per family  - so 30K for 2 nights
Me and Sanvi Posing together


The Resort is beautiful with lots of activities to do and lots of places where you can click instagrammable shots - 

Hanging Bridge : 

Build over a valley with lush green forest on all sides. A favorite place for everyone to click pictures, however visitors are constantly there, so you need to really find a slot when no one goes there to get some good single shots.
Drizzling weather @ Wayanad trip

In-House waterfall :
Waterfall in Vythiri Wayanad
Again an amazing attraction, and you can literally enjoy the cool water with your family, kids without worrying about slipping, trekking, or drowning. Its a small one but very enjoyable.

Infinity Pool: 

There are various pools inside this resort, and almost all of them are surrounded by green forests, and a beautiful natural background. There is a multi-layered pool, then the infinity pool, then one down the valley in middle of nowhere pool.
Me enjoying Infinity Pool in the rain

Archery : 

Try your hand with Archery, since I had never done it before, I found it interesting- its free for all.
Trying to Pose for Archery

4D Movie : 

It was another interesting one, its a short movie where you wear 3D glasses and sit on a chair which literally swings from left to right, top to bottom giving you a feel of being inside an adventure. It is chargeable but children really enjoyed it.

Spa : 

There is a spa where you can get Ayurvedic Kerala Massages but we did not try it

Other things I did and you can do too :

  • Enjoyed a cup of tea with my lovely daughter in my room balcony

  • Played Poker with friends till midnight 

  • Enjoyed Dinner with Bollywood live singing and dancing 


The Breakfast buffet is very extensive with lots of options ranging from Fresh fruits, breads, muffins, Local dishes such as Puttu and Kandala Curry, Poori bhaji, Idli, Poha and more. There were Live dosa and Poori counter where you can get hot breakfast as you wish

The Lunch and dinner buffet were also quite good with veg and non veg options, salads, soups and desserts. The food was not very spicy so my children also enjoyed the buffet as much as I did. I loved the starter dry dishes, Paneer curry and Butter Naan, along with some icecream for dessert.

The Dinner is very entertaining as there is a live singer singing amazing old time Bollywood songs -it feels nostalgic, and you can enjoy the evening. Me and my better half also danced on a song, so it was double fun..
Poker photo at 2M Midnight with friends
Sukoon bhari chai
Family Pic

In my previous Trip to Wayanad, we had done stayed in Sultan Bathery and did some touristy things such as Tea Garden visits, visiting the century old Jain Temple, went to Churches etc. but I will write about it in a separate post !!

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