Windmills Craftworks Terraces : Okay food, Not Okay Service

On a weekday evening, I got invited to a hangout with my colleagues and what better place in Whitefield than the Windmills Craftworks. I had heard so much about this place, the food, the drinks, and its popularity. People had told me that its almost impossible to find a table if you do not make an advance reservation. So obviously I had very high expectations for this place.
The reservation was at The Terrace +Windmills Craftworks. As always, the weather of Bangalore is beautiful and dim-lit aura along with the breeze made a very relaxing atmosphere. The company of friends was definitely enjoyable and made this a memorable dinner. So here goes my review:

Ambiance : The look and feel is simplistic. Nothing is over-done unlike some of the other restaurants where focus moves from conversation to decor. Wooden tables and chairs arranged neatly and a candle on every table. I wished there were some more candles, since it felt really dark out there. The darkness starts to sap energy after a while. It was also a bit noisy, so I couldn't hear what was being talked about at the far end of the table.
Food: They have a buffet menu. They will serve the starters on the table and you need to take the main course and deserts from the buffet. Some of the items were good while others were average. There was nothing that was out of the box or indeed so flavorful that you could savor the memory of that food for longer time. I have tried all these dishes earlier in one buffet or another.

Starters - 
Chicken Grilled: Well cooked, Juicy and flavorful. Not spicy though.
Keema Pav - My sincere recommendation to them is to remove it from the starter menu. The taste was average, a little too salty. And if you fill up yourself on the large Pav and average tasting Keema, you are almost full to try the main course or deserts. And for some people like me, who do not like to waste food, it becomes an obligation to finish.

Unfortunately the waiter did not bring me any vegetarian dishes, so I only had the above two as starter

Drinks - The drinks menu includes beer, wine, alcoholic cocktails and mocktails. They ask you to select the drink from a tab.. lolz. I think I selected Lemon Ice Tea, but it tasted like Peach and was too sweet for me.

Main Course : Lots of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the main course menu.
There were chats, salads and soups also to eat.
Dahi Bhalla was amazing and melted in the mouth, the Papdi chat was also very good.

Fish Curry was indeed good and fresh. The Chicken Biryani was also very flavorful and yummy.

I think vegetarian options could be improved a bit. There were dishes of Karela and Baigan, which I was not keen on trying.....Really?
Why not add some paneer or mushroom to the menu.
Deserts - Yes this section is very very good. Lots of options to try from - there were cut fruits, cake, Pista Kulfi, Halwa, Phirni, Jalebi and many more sweet offerings.
I was delighted to see the desserts counter and was confused on what to select, since I was already so full. I tried the cripy golden jalebi which felt like a food for the soul.
The Pista kulfi was a disappointment, it was bland, tasteless and had icicles in it.
Service - Not happy at all. As I was late, most of my colleagues had finished the starters. So I asked the waiter to bring them for me. He asked me if I was a vegetarian to which I said no. But does this mean that I will only eat Non-Veg?
He brought me only 2 starters - Grilled chicken and Keema Pav... and was noone attended to ask if I needed any more starters.
Also, we were asked to order our drinks on the tab. We were a bunch of people, so it took a lot of time to do passing the parcel of that tablet on the table to actually get a drink. I told the waiter if he can get me a Lemon Ice tea to which he told me that I can only order on the Tablet. Not Fair.
It took me few seconds to navigate around that application to help with my drink.
I am paying for the food and the drink, please don't make me do any more hard work.
Also, during the Main course, the bread basket arrived very late and those who had chosen to have rice or biryani almost finished while the Roti lovers had to wait.

Price - The buffet costs more than 1000 bucks excluding taxes. Also this doesn't include drinks. The buffet is really exhaustive but all Indian dishes only. Not sure if it is worth the price they charge.

All in all, I feel that the buffet is good and the dessert menu took my heart. But there were no exceptional dishes and the service was just okay.
Nonetheless, an evening is worth the people you spend it with and not the food or place. I really enjoyed and had a great time.

Some more food photos.
P.S - All photos are taken from my iPhone 6 :)
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  1. Yes, I agree with you on the food part. I was so engrossed in chit-chatting that food just came and went ;)
    Love the way you have expressed the evening... looking forward to more reads

  2. You have portrayed the evening beautifully! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great place for food. I like the ambience.

  4. The variety there is driving me hungry! Very well presented.

  5. That is too pricey, and the options were not many too!

  6. I think it was too pricey for a buffet with bad service. Thanks for letting us know,,

  7. So laziz food But service is bad. Well written.

  8. For the menu and the service, 1000 isn't doesn't seem worthy to me.

  9. Honestly, it's rare to read such an honest review. I hope they improve their service and expand menu to include more International variety.

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