Noodle Bar @ Phoenix Mall Whitefield

The name Noodle Bar always intrigued me, thinking that either its an Oriental cuisine restaurant or a pub with Noodle decor. So finally we decided to try it out when I was tired after shopping for Sale season at Phoenix Mall.
Chinese Salad @ Noodle Bar
We did not have a prior reservation, but I guess were lucky to find a place in this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. The place was bustling with people having a good time enjoying their weekend. So here goes my honest review -

Ambiance - This place has a nice decor with wooden roofs and mild lights. The red and brown shades in the interiors are soothing to the eyes and will want you to spend more time relaxing here. Wooden chairs on one side and a red sofa on the other makes a comfortable atmosphere. The place is spacious but a bit too noisy, may be due to weekends.
Ambiance@Noodle Bar

Food - The menu has a variety of items from the Oriental/Chinese cuisine. They have everything from Momos to Spring Rolls, soups, stir fried vegetables, noodles and desserts. The table will have a complimentary salad along with a tray of sauces for you. They also serve margaritas, cocktails, mock-tails and draught beer.
The Draught beer was cool, refreshing and Rs99 only.

We also ordered Crispy vegetables which were made very well. The quantity was quite good, rather sufficient for two people.
Until the food was served, we munched on the salad offered on the table.
Crispy Veg @ Noodle Bar
For main course, we asked the attendant for his recommendation and on his advice went for the Burnt Chilli Noodles with Chicken. These were noodles made in typical Indian style - spicy, smooth and had a dark tinge to it. He explained that the recipe involves adding burnt chilli to these noodles. Also, this dish was complete in itself with the spice, veggies and chicken added to it. There was no need for a gravy to complete this dish.
Burnt Chilli Noodles with Chicken @ Noodle Bar
The quantity of all dishes is quite good enough to be shared by two people.

Service - Overall the service is quite quick and people are friendly. Waiters were knowledgeable about the food and also provided recommendations. The only bit I felt was that the waiters were too pushy in upselling/cross-selling more drinks, food items to customers.
Kitchen @Noodle Bar
Price -  Rs 1200/- for a meal for two which include 2 drinks, one starter and a main course.

Location - First Floor of Phoenix Mall in Whitefield Bangalore. The entrance is both from outside and inside the mall premises.
All in all, I had a great time. Tried a new Burnt Noodle dish and relaxed after a long shopping spree
P.S - All photos are taken from my iPhone6

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  1. Ambience of the place is great. I am sure even the food is great.

  2. Wow! the pictures are great.....
    I like the description as well.....