Visvesvaraya Science Museum - Bangalore - Fun Weekend Trip

 There was a long weekend during Republic day this year, and as with every long weekend, we forget to pre-plan any trip, and don't get any bookings at last minute - and then I sulk. So, this time, out of the long weekend, 2 days I binge-watched Netflix, Celebrated Republic day and tried cooking new cuisines. And on the third day we decided to take the kids to Science museum - yes, the Visvesvaraya science museum.
All set for Science museum Bangalore

I have been there as a young kid myself, and it was so much fun to re-live that experience after almost 25 years. (After counting the years, I suddenly feel old !!!) . The Science museum has been around for ages, it was opened in 1965 and there have been many new additions to it since then. It is spread over a huge building with 4 floors, and each floor has lot of activities, exhibitions and also some special educational shows.
Amazing Life sized Dinosaur

Location : New Cubbon Park, Kasturba Road, Bangalore

You can either take the Metro to MG road station and from there an auto to this location or you can drive by car. There is ample parking space available, we went on a long weekend rush, but were still able to get easy parking  in front of the building. 

Ticket Price : 

General Visitors : Rs 85 (Kids Below 5 years are free)

Apart from General ticket, there are special tickets for 3D show, Tarmandal show and Science on a Sphere show - which you can purchase inside. These tickets are mostly 30 or 40 Rupees per head. 

Timing: Everyday from 09.30 AM to 06 PM
Wildlife section on 3rd floor 

What to See : 

There are 4 floors consisting of 7 permanent exhibition halls and 3 special ones. As soon as you enter, on the ground floor there is a massive Dinosaur who moves and makes roar sounds.. The children absolutely will love it, this is the best thing in the museum to watch. Then there are other experiments on ground floor such as how does a Pen work, or zip work - there is also an aerospace section where there is a massive first flight, which was built by Wright brothers. 

Then you go on first floor, which has Fun Science section - this is where all simple experiments, puzzles related to sound, fluid, electromagnetic waves etc. are there, there is also a place where you can hide behind the wall and only your head is visible, kids think its magic ;)
Space exhibits
There is also a 3D theatre, where we saw a short movie about life underwater. Nowadays 3D movies are quite common, so you may not enjoy it. But my kids definitely enjoyed this a lot. 

The second floor had Space section, where there were astronaut suits, models of rockets, models of satellites, there is a place where you can check how much you will weigh on different planets. I would love to relocate to moon or mercury, as I feel the lightest there ;)
Then we go on the third floor, which has a wildlife section, with some animal figures, their voices and things about nature. There is also a mirror maze which is quite interesting to navigate through. 

There were many other sections which were awesome, but we only could do this much with young kids. All in all, it is a good 3-4 hours trip, and I would really recommend it for everyone with kids to go there. Learn about laws of physics, space, wildlife, laws of nature and so so much. 

There are many other places nearby which you can also do in the same trip. Such as Cubbon park, Aquarium which is very near to Cubbon park, MG Road, IndiraGandhi musical fountains. There are many restaurants also nearby. There is also a cafeteria inside the museum but we did not try it. 

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