My Artworks

My Artistic Journey

Below are some of my creations.. to Stay upto date with my latest art, follow me on my Insta Page  :

I always had a creative side to myself, but I only realized it during lockdown. Pursuing a creative passion is extremely therapeutic and liberating experience. Some of the below are adaptations of other great artists, while some are original.
Credence ... This Ballerina artwork symbolizes how after a long tired or a failed attempt, we need to build up the confidence to rise again
Golden Rain.. This is an abstract work which uses all shades of blue (Teal, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Cerulean, Prussian) with original gold leaf..
Set of 2 Artworks.. Abstract art showcasing the London skyline with Gold leaf and Texture work
Madhubani Fusion art.. Madhubani is an ancient artform showing Peacocks, Fishes and other beings living harmoniously into one another..
The Lady in White... Its one of my favorite artworks
Hope.. This artwork showcases the view of a lake and sunshine signifying that after every dark cloud, there is a sunny day ahead
Spring.. this is my first and only floral piece of art.. bright vibrant colors with texture signifying the spring has arrived
Landscape view of the Phi Phi Island
Landscape view of the Night lights in Finland
Owls in Love
Krishna in a dot mandala art
Take me with you
Beach vibes
Winter Romance
The Wise Old Turtle
Koi Fish..