Onesta.. Italian food.. Pocket friendly.. Whitefield
Chicken Minced Lasagna
Writing a Restaurant post after a loong hiatus.
Last weekend I went to Virginia Mall.. This is a relatively new mall in Whitefield so thought of discovering some nice pub here. However, realized that there are no proper pubs in this mall. Izakya is just a bar-counter inside Iona and Food court is too drab.
We headed to the top floor and saw Onesta.. the place looked busy with lots of people so we decided to try it. This place is not a pub.. it is an Italian Restaurant.

Ambiance : 3/5
The place looks cool, it is situated on the top floor, so the air seems natural. The decor is innovative, it has been done very elegantly in a small cost. The crowd which comes here is a lot.. so the tables and chairs are close and noisy. The kitchen is open, so you can see how your chef is rolling the dough and making you pizza.

Food : 4/5
When we looked at the menu, all the dishes were priced between 99 to 199, so there was no harm in trying out what appeals your fancy. We ordered some Lasagna, Ravioli, Pizza and a starter.
They offer complimentary breads with tarter sauce which was a plus for us as we were really hungry when we landed there. The breads are warm, fresh and crispy.
The portion sizes are small .. meant for one person, or rather half person, so you could taste more dishes from the menu.
Jalapeno Cheese balls : This was very good, Cheese with a minor flavor of Jalapeno, very fresh and the sauce was pretty good too

Chicken Keema Lasagna : Very well made, and presented too. This is a must try thing over here I would say

Margarita Pizza with Thin Crust: The crusts are so much better than the regular pizza outlets. The Pizzas are small pan size and are served hot from the oven

Four cheese Ravioli in mushroom sauce : I suggest not to try this. I am a Ravioli lover, but this one was not well made.

Desserts : Plenty of dessert options to choose from - but I was so full with all the food, that did not go for dessert

Diet Coke : Server at MRP - No restaurants do that, so I am impressed that they charged this at MRP rate
Complimentary Breads
Jalapeno Cheese Balls
Thin Crust Margarita Pizza

Price : Cost of a good dinner for 2 including all the above was Rs 700/- I think it is pretty economical for an Italian meal

Location : Onesta has many outlets in Bangalore - we went to the one in Virginia mall in Whitefield.

I would definitely go there again.
The review is original, and my own - I have paid for this meal.
P.S - All pictures are taken from my iPhone 6 camera.
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