Amaravati Andhra cuisine

Tomorrow Navratra festival is going to start, which means no non vegetarian food for 10 days. So today, we decided to pump ourselves up with lots of chicken. One our quest, we came across a very crowded building with restaurants on each floor. Jade Chinese restaurant, Kayla Kerala cuisine, Amraravati Andhra cuisine and Chulha Chauki da Dhaba. The Punjabi one had a long waiting queue, so Amaravati Andhra was our next best bet. 

This place is quiet, decent and spacious. The ambiance is soft, no loud paintings or jokes or cartoons to take your attention away. But it is quiet average. Food is served here on Plantain leaf which makes it very appetizing. 

Food: The Menu is limited to mostly South Indian dishes with a few chinese items as well. The most popular orders being Meals (vegetarian and non vegetarian) and biryani's as I saw all the people around my table were eating.
We ordered Chicken Curry Parota, Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and Egg Dosa.
A plate with a fresh leaf was placed in front of me and my child was surprised to see why I was eating my food on a leaf. 
The Chicken Biryani was served with Curd and Salan. It was delicious and full of flavor, however the quantity was less.

The Chicken curry was a nice spicy chicken dish served with 2 Kerala Parota - Tasty and good quantity of chicken.

Egg Dosa was basically a large Dosa with a pepper omlette inside. Nicely made with low oil and low spice.

Overall for 2 people, this was more than enough and we ended up over-eating.

Service - Loved the service. The people were polite and were very attentive to customers. The food came quick enough. Now a days many places do not give finger bowls for cleaning hands, was surprised to see it come through.

Price - Reasonable. Price for two Rs 500/- (Our bill for above food was Rs 515/-)

Location - Brookfields, Near Cosmos mall, Bangalore - There is a lane which goes inside from the main road, and there are many eateries in that lane. Parking is a challenge.

What Next - Well in the same building I discovered 3 more restaurants, may be I want to try Chauki Chulha da Dhaba next!!

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