Island of the Pregnant Lady.. Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands, and the second largest of it is the Dayang Bunting Island also known as the Island of the Pregnant Maiden. This Island had in its center, as very large fresh water lake. No one knows the depth of this lake but it is full of sweet green water. This is known as the lake of the Pregnant lady.

The Island looks like a Pregnant lady lying on her back.
A popular legend says that once upon a time, a lady conceived upon drinking water from this lake. Since then, many women who have problems in conceiving visit this lake and drink this sweet water and seen miraculous results.

How to Go: The only way to go to this island is by speedboad or jetty. You can book a jetty from the Jetty point in Langkawi (The one where the Eagle statue is there - prime location in Langkawi). Or you can check with you hotel reception, they have tie ups with different Jetty operators. This Island is covered in the Island Hopping tour - which costs around 250 -300 RMs.

The Island hopping tour is around 3-4 hours, he picks you up from the Jetty point, takes you to the Eagle feeding square, amazing eagles can be spotted hovering over your boat. The next stop is Pregnant Lady Island, where you can walk down to the lake, enjoy 1-2 hours and the last stop is Beras Besah island.

What to Do:
After getting down at the Pregnant Lady or Dayang Bunting Island, there is a long walk down to the Fresh water lake - instructions are clearly written. There are lots of monkeys, so need to be careful.

They have put up a floating platform on the lake and swimming is prohibited without appropriate life saver jacket. Please do not risk your life by jumping into the lake, it is extremely deep. The aura is mesmerizing with mountains all around and the greenish color of the lake shining in the sun.
At a particular spot, we noticed there were lots and lots of fishes, and people were putting their foot into the lake so that fishes can eat into them. Another legend says that it is good luck if you give your feet to these fishes, and there were enough people willing for it. I couldn't stand it more than a few secs, it was too tickling.

There is indeed something magical about this island.So go ahead and bask in the sunshine and sip on this miraculous sweet water lake amidst the salty ocean.