Had Fun with my daughter@ Funkey Monkey Bangalore

So wondering where to take your over-energetic toddler and you are bored of going to parks and malls, this is a unique place where the kids will get too busy and will not want to come out.
I have a toddler myself who has so much energy and I just keep looking for places where she can play her heart out.
We had heard about this place and decided to go here for the Bday of my family kid :)

Where: It is located on top floor of 1MG Road Mall. Cross the Foodhall and go further. It is a small outlet and we had to ask for directions to reach there. It is open on all days of the week and has lots of Indoor playing options.

What to Do:

As you will enter, there is a billing counter, where we have to buy tickets to get inside. There is a small eatery where you can get sandwiches, chips, water etc. There is a play area for Junior Toddlers (6 months to 3 years) and one for older toddlers (3 yrs to 10 years). But there is no restriction, since parents are also allowed inside, you can venture in both play areas irrespective of the age of your child.
For Junior Toddler (6months to 3 years) - There is a room full of colored plastic balls, you can do somersaulting, throw the balls at each other and glide through them
There is also a small roundabout, make your kid sit on that horse and manually turn rounds

For Senior section - The best part is the long slide, parent can also sit on it. So I took my child in my lap and slided through it, just like we do in water parks, albeit no water is here. There is a shooting balls, Twisting pipes, helicopter. The entire area is kids-proof. So all the pipes, sharp edges of walls, everything is covered with thick foam, so no-one gets hurt.


The charges are around Rs.500 for 90 mins - this allows one kid and 2 parents. If you want to extend your fun, the subsequent charges are Rs.100 per hour. Although 90 mins are sufficient to tire the kids and parents.
You have to remove your shoes outside (there is a rack) and it is compulsory to wear socks. Please do wear socks (both child and parent) otherwise you will not be allowed to enter inside. I was not aware of this, so we went there in our sandals and no socks. We had to buy socks from the counter (Rs.100 for each pair), so better to wear your own and go.
Came to know from them that they also arrange small scale Bday parties for kids, just like they do in Pizza hut or Mac Donalds. The charges were also not very high.
Overall this place is good fun one-time.



  1. Looks like a nice fun place for kids...happy to see your little one enjoyed there!

  2. Looks like a fun place. They allow elders on those sliders?

    1. Thanks Arun.. Yeah no one says anything.. elders also enjoy the slides :)

  3. mother daughter fun in a wonderful place :-) awesome...

  4. the pictures say it all, you guys had a lot of fun it seems, if you are in bangalore why not join the Bengaluru bloggers group. mail me if interested ill add you shweta.dave09@gmail.com

    1. Thanks Shweta :) Yes I am already on the Bangalore bloggers whatsapp group.. not that active on whatsapp though..

  5. Awww..so cute! Looks like you had loadsa fun!