Flavors of Ramzān season @ Bangalore

Ramadan season is around and it is the best time to taste some of the delicacies especially non vegetarian food in the city. So we decided to head to the Mosque road, near Frazer town and enjoy a gastronomical evening and treat our taste buds.

As soon as we reached there, we were welcomed with a bustling street of food stalls and sweet stalls and the entire street was lit up with lights. Traffic was heavy and there was no parking space available. Finally after a long wait, and two rounds of the road, we found a parking spot.

Almost all of the famous restaurants had food stalls outside on the road making kababs, tikkas and shawarmas. Some of the popular ones were Empire, Savoury, Al-Kareems and many more stalls from local vendors.

We went to Kareems stall and tried the Mutton Seekh Kabab and Chicken tikka.
Chicken tikka was good - not too spicy, perfectly cooked and fried.

Mutton seekh kabab - not good at all. The mutton was not minced properly and the taste was horrible.I did not like the look of it as such. Secondly the quantity was hardly sufficient for one person.

Haleem - Okay okay. Not extraordinary. Just okay.

And then we also tried dry fruit Phirni and Pinapple Kashmiri at another food stall.
Both the sweet dishes were very nice and tasty. As such I have a sweet tooth and I loved them.

Later on, we ate Paradise Chicken biryani which was also very good. Although the quantity was lesser than expected.
Location - Mosque Road, Frazer town, Bangalore

Best Time to Go - We went in late evening on a weekday, around 8 pm but unfortunately that time is the most crowded period. No parking space, people pouncing on one another and busy stalls. Take your pick a lesser dense time period.

Must Try - Shwarma, Seekh kababs, Haleem and dry fruit Phirni

Prices - The prices at the outside food stalls are very well comparable to the top end restaurants. A plate of chicken tikka costs ~200 and Mutton seekh kabab~240 and a small bowl of Phirni is ~50.

But this is a must try place for food connoisseurs. Due to mass production, the taste of kababs may not be extraordinary but definitely the festive feel takes you in and you are simply mesmerized by the whole phenomenon called Ramadan.

Watch out for - Pickpockets. The food stalls are so damn crowded. There are so many people surrounding you, each trying to put his order first, and then there is smoke from the Tandoor, oil smelling from the kadhai, meat hanging on seekhs from top, you can tend to loose sight of your belongings. Also there are so many beggars asking for alms. If you give to one, there will be 10 more being attracted towards you. There were some beggars who literally held my arm and did not leave until I gave them something. And then there are some, who will hold touch your dress and food and give dhamki in the name of God. Need to be very careful.


  1. Very colourful photos. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.

  2. All this in our own Bangalore! I have to venture out now.
    Great pics.

  3. Hi Sneh! This post of yours is making me hungry at midnight. I must go through this once again tomorrow to list down the dishes and hop onto taste them out :) Thank you for sharing these tempting pics.

  4. Wonderful pics! Didn't know about this one in Bangalore. :)

  5. That's a discovery about Bangalore for me :) Haven't been much to Frazer town area. Great pictures. Happy celebrations and Happy Eid weekend!

  6. And yesterday i was reading a post on celebrations in Hyderabad and thought nothing could beat the food there...Silly me!


  7. All the dishes looks soooo yummy....wish to have it now...thanks a lot for the post....
    Chowranghee Lane Rajender Nagar

  8. You have covered the hustle bustle of the streets so well in your post! Did I mention i loved the pic with phirni and pineapple kashmiri...I have never tried that ever!
    P.S. You have a really lovely blog here :)

  9. very nice post seems so yummy... would like to go there some day... thanks for informing us. keep on writing..